Palliative Care Services
Meet Our Medical Director

Bryan Johnson, MD, is Medical Director of Palliative Care Services of Chattanooga.

Dr. Johnson sees patients in our new clinic across from Erlanger Hospital in Chattanooga and also provides palliative care consults in our local hospitals. His is also a familiar face for patients of the local Tumor Clinic, improving the lives of the many patients who have chosen PCS for their care.

Quickly becoming known as a great teacher of palliative care to physicians and other clinicians, Dr. Johnson is a featured speaker at conferences and seminars in which other healthcare professionals are learning more about palliative care and care of chronic illnesses.

Dr. Johnson is a graduate of Mercer University School Of Medicine and spent many years as a Family Practice physician in North Georgia before moving to Chattanooga.  He is available for consults with patients at Erlanger Medical Center, CHI-Memorial and Parkridge Medical Center. He will also respond to your personal physician should he or she determine you can benefit from palliative care services.

Should have any questions or desire more information about palliative care, call Palliative Care Services at 423-553-1823. 

(423)  553-1823